We Love Pilates!

Pilates is not just about the hour you spend exercising in amongst friendly, like- minded people in our Studio each week, but instead it’s about improving your overall quality of life so that you stand better, sit better, breathe better and most importantly move better.

Based on an exercise method created by Joe Pilates, our fun, inspirational classes are not constrained by age or level of fitness.

We are hearing all the time how we will soon be living longer than ever before – at Alresford Pilates we are passionate in believing that through Pilates we will ensure you enjoy the best quality of life you possibly can throughout all those extra years! Your posture will improve – you will walk taller, the range of movements around your joints will be the best it can be, and your flexibility and strength will start to return.

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The Main Reasons to Practice Pilates:

Good for Posture

Alresford Pilates will mobilise and lengthen – you will leave feeling taller!

Good for Mind

Alresford Pilates will help you to connect mind and body – think into your muscles

Good for Body

Alresford Pilates will help you regain flexibility and strength and breathe better

Good for Wellbeing

Alresford Pilates will help energise and refresh – bringing balance to your life

Our Teachers

Our teachers have all qualified with the Body Control Pilates training programme in London. With small classes we provide close personal supervision and individual support.